Someone should write a song about that.


Happy 34th Birthday Harry James Potter! (July 31)

kurt + making me feel too much when he sings *__*


"When the Avengers was first announced, there really wasn’t a whole lot of footage, and we were at New York Comic-Con, and you were on the panel and at the time you were like ‘I don’t really understand all this Comic-Con stuff and what this is’ and you did it and since then it completely blew up! Did this exceed your expectations?" Slightly. Uhh.. by huge margin and uhh.. they don’t treat me like this at home, that’s for sure, when I walk through the door.

"Is your friendship with Robert Downey Jr. in real life as good as it is on the screen between your characters?" Better. We have a really good friendship. We’ve known each other since before Zodiac. And he’s kind of like an older brother that I wish I had. He sort of looks out for me, and I remember when the role came up in the movie, I reached out to him, I was nervous about it, I said “I don’t know if I can do this” and he said “It’s alright buddy, I gotcha.”

PerezHilton: Backstage baes! With my cherished #ingridmichaelson and equally beloved @darrencriss!

PerezHilton: Backstage baes! With my cherished #ingridmichaelson and equally beloved @darrencriss!

you and i were meant to be
i wish i could have made you see
that in you god was very pleased

Glee Cast Filmography Official Posters: Darren Criss (+discography)